Physiotherapist Leicester



When you attend the clinic for your first appointment you will receive a detailed assessment and examination individually tailored to your needs. Muscles, joints, nerves and ligaments will be checked as necessary. A plan of treatment will be devised to maximise your recovery - not only in the short term but also to prevent recurrence of the problem in the future. This typically includes one or more of the treatments below.

Manual Therapy

This is a carefully graded system of moving joints to reduce pain and restore normal mobility. Soft tissues may also be stretched. Techniques include Maitland Mobilisation Techniques, Manipulation, NAGs and SNAGs (an effective painless treatment method devised in New Zealand) and massage.




This can include ultrasound, laser and TENs machines to reduce pain and swelling and to promote and accelerate healing. Electrotherapy is used to complement the hands-on treatment and is not used in isolation.


Sometimes it may be beneficial to tape a joint to reduce the strain on injured tissues and thereby reduce pain.





Exercises are assigned to each patient according to their pain or injury. They will reflect the individual's fitness, activity levels, occupation, lifestyle and sports. Home exercises are designed to maintain the benefits of physiotherapy and to improve posture, flexibility and core stability and to prevent recurrence of the condition.


Fine needles can be inserted to stimulate the brain to produce natural pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins. These promote a feeling of euphoria or well being to lift the mood, aid sleep and reduce pain without the need for drugs. If you do not like needles, or are not allowed to have acupuncture for medical reasons, laser acupuncture can be performed which can be equally as effective. Only pre-sterilised, sealed, disposable needles are used to prevent cross-infection and there is very rarely any bleeding at all.